I am Ronald Guest; Character Development Consultant, Motivational speaker and Founder of GuestHouseinc. Growing up in New York City, I am the youngest child to a military veteran father and a mother who worked as a case aid worker in the foster care system. I quickly learned to be very disciplined, observant and dependant upon myself. Along with these qualities; I also learned to empathize and take notice of the strengths that others possess. After spending time in a boarding school in bath, Maine; I came back to the city to attend some city high schools. Upon completion of highschool, I worked a few odd jobs before attending a job readiness training program. I then obtained my professional process server license, served papers for 6 years before being promoted to manager of the company. After parting ways with the company, I began work in my community; creating an outlet for disadvantaged youths through boxing and assembly. This is where my passion to uplift others began. I created this forum to communicate openly with individuals who suffer from insecurity issues. Here, I help spread the key components that I’ve come to understand coincide directly with self confidence. My goal is to share these tools with as many people as possible. As well as, allow anyone the opportunity to express themselves openly or in privite; in a place that is judgement free and will give you constructive critism and/or positive feedback.