Guest House Inc Services

We have developed different program services to encourage growth, confidence, presence & more.

Different characters require contrasting plans. See whats right for you below.

Service A

This is a message that will be sent to you daily as a reminder to uplift your spirits, charisma and self confidence.

30 day Morale Appreciation Program (30 day M.A.P)

Our 30 day M.A.P is a series of small activities that will require participants to internally engage with themselves as well as others; ultimately bringing about more assertive, poised character traits. You will also receive a follow up correspondance via email to answer any questions you have to aid you in ensuring you’ve recieved the most from the 30 day M.A.P.

Personal Character assessment & development plan

In this plan you will be interviewed and asked a series of questions. Through this personal character assessment you will have a formula of operation designed personally for you based upon your evaluation. Throughout your assigned task for development you will be given (6mths) of direct access to a consultant that will assist you in any challenges you maybe facing on your journey.

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